A Necessary Response To A Recent Internet Article

by Dr. Tom Termotto

There comes a time in a person’s life when he or she is called upon to address an injustice far greater than the injustices which concern only oneself. Especially when that individual serves in a position of leadership does it become necessary to respond. I refer here to a piece recently published on an internet news platform about me, my character and my work. Please be aware that anyone, anywhere, anytime can fall victim to such a hit piece of character assassination*. In fact many who have been speaking truth to power in recent years have suffered a similar fate.

The urgency of this matter has become so great, that the entire movement and advocacy network surrounding the BP Gulf Oil Spill (BPGOS) is at great risk. The real irony and synchronicity is that this event took place right after Jeff Rense of the Rense Radio Network hosted what was probably the most unifying national program around this extraordinary global catastrophe. Why would such a productive development be pushed over a cliff so soon after this defining moment? Why was something so inherently positive, hopeful, and constructive so quickly assaulted and savaged? How could it be so easily torn apart with one swift slice of the slanderous blade? What was the motive?

Many know that I have served for nine months as the National Coordinator of the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference (GOSRC) in Tallahassee, FL. This endeavor was a purposeful and informal coming-together of many individuals around the world – persons who are genuinely concerned for the Gulf as well as for the planet. We chose quite deliberately not to register as a 501(c)(3) as we wanted nothing preventing our lobbying public officials, or otherwise impeding our effectiveness. Furthermore, given our assumed posture toward the Oil & Gas Industry, we recognized the importance of anonymity for endurance, and we took no money in any form on any of our websites or blogs. This was meant to be an international citizens’ initiative operating below the radar, so that we could get to the truth and disseminate it quickly throughout the world. And this is what we did.

Inasmuch as we do live in an age in which anyone connected to the internet can literally make things up and dish it out in the most derogatory fashion as happened to me, the truth can sometimes only be found by going directly to the subject. Therefore, if anyone wants to get to know me, my character or work, simply google my name, and review the work that I have done on the BPGOS. If the content of these articles and essays resonates, then perhaps you might join this ongoing advocacy however you’re so inclined.

There’s an infinitude of challenges concerning the planetary disaster that occurred last year in the Gulf of Mexico. The Earth needs our help more than ever. I would hope that we can all come together instead of being driven apart. The world has suffered enough from the divide and conquer strategy which all of us know too well. The suffering, both individual and collective, has been awesome. The countless trials and tribulations have been too onerous for many to bear. If ever there was a time for the few of us who have stepped up to the plate to coalesce around the Gulf and its many challenges, that time is now. We may never have another opportunity.

Being in the catbird seat all these months, we have come to know much about the Gulf and its true state of affairs. What we have published during our journey of research and ongoing discovery is but a tip of an enormous iceberg. What we have not yet disseminated does affect every inhabitant of the planet… and that is NOT overstatement. Therefore, we ought to collaborate and support each other in this cause like never before.

We must not remain in shock from having witnessed the outrageous efforts to sabotage a movement in dire need of cohesiveness and unity. Personal attacks of ANY nature are devastating and fear-generating. Few among us have ever seen such a shocking and shameless effort, couched in ‘journalism’, designed to defame, undermine and destroy something so worthy and urgently needed. As my good friend and fellow conferee BK Lim recently wrote, “… we are getting quite close to the truth. That’s why you are being slandered [libeled].”

Finally, in the spirit of our blog entitled Take Back Your Power, Now!, I am compelled (and now forced by the universe) to do just that. The despicable rumors drawn out of thin air are totally outrageous. They are repugnant. They are defamatory. These fabrications run completely contrary to all I have stood for throughout my entire life. For those who truly know me, no further explanation is needed. For those who choose to believe or even consider what amounts to outright prevarication, I urge you to seek out and read the prodigious amount of evidence proving intentions on our many blogs, websites, articles, essays, open letters, emails, radio interviews, television specials, documentaries, etc.

Many in the Gulf and elsewhere are now very apprehensive about their involvement in this crucially-needed work. Please do not be thwarted from your respective and necessary initiatives. Know that many are silently toiling for the salvation of what all of us hold dear. Given the actual state of affairs, much of the ‘heavy-lifting’ can now be done in the privacy of our own homes. It has now become that demanding of a situation… so take stock in what you have to offer. Consider the talents you bring to bear; and know this situation may prove the most difficult challenge most of us will ever face.

In closing, let me say that our next posting at the Phoenix Rising From The Gulf website will include numerous developments of paramount importance for those who live, work and play in or near the Gulf. This forthcoming article will contain emerging truths about the GOM and newly discovered facts about the BPGOS which will concern all of us. We pray that these revelations will assist those who seek the truth to make the most informed and wise decisions possible about their future.

May God bless those whose lives are connected to and affected by the Gulf of Mexico. Each and every one of us is in great need of such grace throughout these tumultuous times.

Tom Termotto, BCIM
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference
10 February 2011

*The initial filing of a multi-million dollar defamation of character lawsuit will present a point-by-point refutation and thorough disproof of each false, misleading and distorted statement in the aforementioned libelous article.

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8 Responses to A Necessary Response To A Recent Internet Article

  1. BK Lim says:

    Dear Dr Tom and all of those concerned with the Gulf situation;

    I am in the midst of preparing an article (rushed forward in view of the present circumstances) to show this “under the belt” cheap blow did not matter one single bit on the grave situation we are facing on the gulf.

    Coming so close to the continued threats to my life (my computer had been down from very specific consecutive attacks), Dr Tom B Manton’s unfortunate murder and now the character assassination on Dr Tom, it only shows they are desperately grabbing at whatever “straws” to contain the growing awareness of the true magnitude of the disaster.

    Many of you had read my articles and see the logic and clarity in my explanations of the evidences at hand. You all believed in what I wrote and not who I was.

    My CV was only published recently at the advice of Dr Tom. We all came together on a common cause believing we could all contribute collectively to help Mother Nature. Like everyone else we all do it on our own initiatives at our own costs. I have been doing that for more than 30 years. Contribution without expectation – that is what I always say. We do not need to check on each other background. I judge from what I read and what Dr Tom had written so far makes sense to me. If I had thought otherwise, I would not have even corresponded with him let alone befriend him.

    I had been independent all my life, had written reports, papers and presented papers long before this disaster happened. To insinuate that Dr Tom and I are the same person under different pen-names is absolute absurdity. Throughout my life, I have always answered to the highest Authority of the Universe, not to the corrupt.

    Even if no one wants to read my articles, I will still continue to write them until I am no more on this physical earth. If I had been interested in material wealth, you would not have seen me here. I would still be working in a comfy office and living with my family.

  2. Thank you Tom! Keep up the great work on this most important concern!

  3. I personally have been attacked by a small warring faction that wants to gain power over anyone who is trying to help, I mean truly help people in this mess.
    I have an impeccable license and credentials and have been slandered by a covert sick little group of people.
    They have nothing to gain by maligning me, Tom, Sayer Ji, BK Lim and others. They say that Tom is BK, Sayer is Tom and BK, these ignorants have threatened that I am practicing medicine without a license. This is also an attack on my Family and my Husband and my reputation.
    I have retained the services of an attorney in order to protect my license and my husband. I have been in advocacy for a very long time and never have I seen such ugliness from a small faction trying to defame and overtly undermine character and integrity of those of us who choose to do the right thing and speak out openly.
    I know the truth and I have never intentionally harmed anyone in my life, it is a sad day when 5 or 6 people can attempt to destroy the reputations for so many.
    I say…..the truth shall prevail and destroying characters, shall pay in Karma for what they have done. Lets Roll.

  4. Thank you, JEFF RENSE!

    Here is our most recent article.


    We all very much appreciate such great support around disseminating the truth.

  5. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    I got hacked 2 weeks ago. They stole 8 months of useless email records and screwed up $200.00 of ebay purchases. OOOOH! And did a credit check at my expense on somebody from MNI Credit Report. com, whoever they are. Good we have the fools exactly where we want them. Hauling out the trash. Sounds like a good career move on their part.

    Where are the mud logs? Where has a coherent lobbying force been assembled to get with those members of Congress who acknowledge the intent of this disaster and realize the dangerous folly of keeping BP in control. I detect NOWHERE. Start by getting on Kucinich, J. McDermott(Rep. WA), A.Grayson(Rep.FLA), J.E. Carter(POTUS, Ret’d.), Ret’d general Stubblebine, Alan Sabrosky, and any others who work from a good logical grasp of reality instead of self -aggrandizement (ie, New Age priesthoods). I am way far away from the U.S. mainland and the lack of evidence of any lobbying effort tells me the wrong people are at the helm of the Good Ship Sanity.
    Mao tse Tung (A Yale Skull and Bones member)said “Political power comes from the end of a barrel of a gun.” We don’t have any use for involving ourselves with political upheaval. We need to be able to impress those with elected power that “Mewling just does’nt cut it Senator(or Congressman).” The lack of Congressional presence needs to be remedied with an ability to impress on these boobs what BAD means. And that ‘pollution’ is not just a dirty four-letter word. I have not heard a peep out of any congressman on the gulf mess beyond the hardest hit areas. This shows that a bunch of boys and girls in Congress need to grow up and doubt the lies their mothers told them about their being ‘perfect and safe’. Power comes from RESPECTABLE AND REASONABLE presentation, WITH the PROVEN ABILITY to terrify or decimate held recognizeably in check. We are dealing with a group of practicing satanists who know they screwed up bad. So patience and full speed ahead with a lobbying effort. Don’t expect ANY acknowledgement from the Zionist press or CFR television networks. They are living in the past.

  6. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    The general flavor of who we are dealing with in transcending self-destructive behavior is exemplified by the real reason Pres. Obama’s birth certificate was accepted/not accepted. Obama’s real father is a fellow B. Obama used to refer to as his childhood “mentor” who involved himself (according to his ‘rap sheet’) with the same sort of ‘youth oriented’ depravity as some of the top neo-con guys who migrated from Sen. Henry Jackson’s office to the George W. Bush White House. Where’s the beef?

    If I were a betting person, I would bet that the DH blow-out was to depopulate the coast and not put the U.K. and Scandinavia under a half-mile of ice. OOPS!
    Remember folks, we are not dealing with any genius’s efforts here. Just alley trash -royalty wannabees and a desperate European royal family or two not above murdering a few million of their own kind for another purpose on your dime.

  7. michael vines says:

    The truth hurts – up to now the liars and the big boys have been winning, but their time is very limited. To all the honest people and hard working people, those involved in the GOM disaster keep up the good work and you may not be rewarded, but your children or your childrens’ children will be.

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