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Silencing the Independent Voices Of Truth on the BP’s Mega Oil Spill, GOM

by BK Lim, Trisha Springstead et al (14 Feb 2011, updated 20 Feb 2011) Three things you can’t hide: The Sun, The Moon and The Truth.” ~ Buddha. All that is needed for evil to succeed is that decent human … Continue reading

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A Necessary Response To A Recent Internet Article

by Dr. Tom Termotto There comes a time in a person’s life when he or she is called upon to address an injustice far greater than the injustices which concern only oneself. Especially when that individual serves in a position … Continue reading

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Tribute To An American Hero Of The BP Gulf Oil Spill

In Honor of Dr. Thomas B. Manton A Profile in Courage, Resolve and Heroism Tom Manton was born in Rangoon, Burma, almost 72 years ago, as the oldest son of missionary parents. His upbringing and rich life in Asia both … Continue reading

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BP and Oil Commission Reports Misrepresent The Facts, Distort The Truth

Physics of Impossibility – A Critical Review of BP’s & Oil Commission’s Blowout Investigation Reports. – BK Lim 31 January, 2011 Distorted facts, half truths and omissions do tell a story by themselves; especially when they occur so coherently across … Continue reading

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