Signed BP Oil Spill Letter from LA Senator Crowe to President Obama

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One Response to Signed BP Oil Spill Letter from LA Senator Crowe to President Obama

  1. Lori Bosarge says:

    Living on the coast of Alabama, June 2010, media said the oil was 30 miles south of Dauphin Island. The same day I spotted orange, stinky tar balls in Portersville Bay, north of Dauphin Island. The airboats ran up and down the bay spraying Corexit, the smell would take your breath and burn your eyes. At home for months the planes flew over and the odor of dispersant would creep through our doors. No mosquitoes, gnats or yellowflies from June – Sept. in the bayou. Corexit used in Bayou La Batre, Al to wash boats, but yet the media reports, no oil. Corexit used where families launch their boats and children run barefoot on the waters edge catching hermet crabs. This area today, still has standing water. Is the Corexit still there? People are sick. Dr. R. Benjamins clinic, Mosteller Clinic in the bayou, Mobile Board of Health does not have the hydrocarbon test available. Senator Crowe, I have sent a letter to Gov. Bentley with the health concerns on the coast, but have heard nothing. Your letter to the President was excellent. Thank you and may God bless you. Everytime I find another spokesperson for the gulf, I know we still have a chance in saving lives and the environment.

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