The Earth Organization Proposes an Immediate Solution for the BP Gulf Oil Spill


The Silent “Gulf”  War
TV Documentary – ‘
Hidden Crisis in the Gulf’

While President Obama has stated that British Petroleum (BP) and other companies involved in the Deepwater Horizon disaster will be held accountable for the consequences of the oil blow-out, Louisiana State Senator A.G. Crowe has just written the President requesting exact evidence showing accountability of the responsible agencies involved in the Gulf’s cleanup, especially the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA), and the Coast Guard.  The letter asks for detailed answers to the reasoning behind permitting usage of the damaging chemical dispersant Corexit as the key oil spill response tool.

Reaching the President’s desk today, the senator’s missive, classifying the effects of Corexit as a “second major disaster,” supports a swelling grass roots movement engaged in what is termed a silent war – a fight yearning to be heard, to educate the public on environmentally friendly solutions and a protest of the complacency with which the Corexit issue is being dealt.  On one side is a growing number of individuals, independent researchers and scientists, a concerned environmental organization, and companies employing non-toxic means of oil cleanup.  On the other side are the federal agencies and the Coast Guard who advocate the use of Corexit.

One member of this determined alliance released a 30-minute educational documentary, “The Hidden Crisis in the Gulf”, last month.   The Earth Organization (TEO), an international non-profit, produced the film to educate the government and the public.  The piece focuses on the damage being done by Corexit to the marine life and the public’s health. It also explains in laymen’s terms how EPA-approved, non-toxic clean up methods, called “bio-remediation” are an urgently needed, low cost, highly effective, alternative solution to returning the Gulf waters to their pre-blow out condition. This and other documents have brought to light questionable cleanup practices, as well as seafood and water safety questions now posed to the Obama administration by Senator Crowe.

Barbara Wiseman, President of TEO and the film’s producer/director, indicated that the documentary was undertaken to enlighten the public and government officials everywhere.  It was funded with accumulated small contributions from their US membership base and another non-profit organization, iRescue Wildlife.

“We very much appreciate Senator Crowe’s most timely appeal – taking this issue out of public silence.  This was most unexpected, and we admire the Senator’s courage and initiative in writing this letter. We urge the media and public to support this initiative using our educational documentary to inform others about what is going on, and to contact us to get involved.”

iRescue Wildlife’s founder, John Merritt, commented on their decision to help fund the documentary: “Our purpose is to ignite a sorely needed public outcry to get a real solution adopted urgently and promptly in the stricken Gulf.  Proper application of the right bio-remediation products would cause the oil to revert, within 30 days, to water and CO2, and not enough CO2 for anyone to worry about.  This is an extraordinary solution to this mess, and it needs to be implemented… now.”

“Dr. Tom Termotto, National Coordinator of the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference in Tallahassee, FL declares that “we need to unite and ignite a public awareness campaign, using “The Hidden Crisis in the Gulf” to educate the broad public about the existence of an unusually safe and non-toxic, easily applied, and highly effective bio-remediation technology.  We have received numerous recommendations from all over the world for the past 8+ months regarding various mitigation techniques and bio-remediation alternatives for the Gulf of Mexico.  When we heard about Oil Spill Eaters II, and the fact that it is EPA-approved (NCP listed) and has demonstrated its effectiveness at least 14 times on the BP Gulf Oil Spill, we wondered why it wasn’t being used 24/7.”

“The Hidden Crisis in the Gulf” can be viewed at

The Earth Organization (TEO) was founded by world-renowned conservationist Lawrence Anthony, best known for his rescue initiative of the Baghdad Zoo in 2003 at the beginning of the Iraqi conflict.  TEO’s website states they are “committed to the creative, responsible rehabilitation of Planet Earth and the plant and animal kingdoms while working in interactive and supportive relationships with business, industry, governments and the cultures and societies in which we operate.”

Barbara Wiseman, International President, The Earth Organization
Ph-office: (818) 769-3410; cell: (818) 406-6321; email:

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4 Responses to The Earth Organization Proposes an Immediate Solution for the BP Gulf Oil Spill

  1. Robert says:

    Please get to the point. State it clearly.

  2. Winyan Staz says:

    So when they release oil eating bacteria into the oil spill…and it grows and multiplies..what will make it stop eating all the oil of the world?
    Many plants have oil sin them.
    Many animals have oils in them.
    Many humans have oils as well.
    What will stop it from spreading underground and infecting all the world oil?
    It is insanity to release things into the world if you cant stop it.

  3. j.robey says:

    More effort to get the broadcast/print media involved is important!
    The only source now appears to be the internet, especially the Jeff Rense
    website. The general public is essentially clueless about the oil problems in the GOM.
    Good publicity is needed now! If there is any resistance to this, it is a sign of political
    pressure from high up. I have lived in Florida for years, the pollution problems in the
    GOM is an outrage! Godspeed and best of luck!

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