Dr. Thomas B. Manton: An Informal Presentation to President Barack Obama

Dr. Thomas B. Manton, who recently passed away in Tallahassee, FL  prepared A Presentation to President Barack Obama on the BP Gulf Oil Spill.  This informal presentation was prepared and submitted by Tom during the weeks prior to the capping of the gushing well at the Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico.

It is important to note that some of Tom’s first challenges in the oil spill control arena began in the Middle East.  During the early 80’s, Saudi Arabia was being particularly vexed by the oil spills contaminating their multi-million dollar desalinization plants along their coasts.  The huge, expensive filtration membranes were constantly being ruined by the spilt oil, as other parts of the desalinization process were also being compromised.

Needless to say, these early challenges forced Tom to think outside the box, since the purity and cleanliness of the water was of paramount importance to the Saudis.  It wasn’t just a matter of cleaning up the spilt oil. It had to be done in the smartest way possible, free of toxic side effects, collateral damage to the environment or unintended consequences of any kind.

The fruit of his contemplation of these matters was never enjoyed by BP or many of the other big oil companies.  As a matter fact, Tom always said that BP was consistently on the other side of the playing field.  Their preferred method of oil spill remediation was to disappear it with dispersants; what we called the pharmaceutical approach of treating the symptoms fast to make them go away. Then, out of sight, out of mind.

The biggest obstacle to overcoming this inherently flawed institutional response was that the Oil & Gas Industry was so invested in dispersant companies. Just as BP and Exxon Mobil are heavily invested in Nalco Holding Company, the manufacturers of COREXIT. Tom saw early on that the momentum was clearly moving in that direction, given the evolving institutional arrangements whereby many of these companies enjoyed interlocking directorates, partnerships around various enterprises, and customer loyalties to each other’s products and services.

Truly, if the numerous protocols and various processes/procedures which he was successful at instituting during the earliest days of organized oil spill control were currently in place, the oceans of the world would not be in such jeopardy. Perhaps by reading and disseminating his words, we will increase the likelihood that reason will prevail in this ongoing global discourse about finally transitioning the planet away from the hydrocarbon fuel paradigm.

Tom Termotto, National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference
Tallahassee, FL
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

The following link provides access to the:




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5 Responses to Dr. Thomas B. Manton: An Informal Presentation to President Barack Obama

  1. Fred says:

    Dear Mr. Termotto,

    I applaud your determination and the help you provide to people of the Gulf (I follow your interviews on Rense.com).

    I dare say that you are fighting a battle against mega-corporations with unlimited funds. They are so inter-connected (buying each others products) and they will never do anything except what is “right” for them and makes them money. They will literally poison the Earth with their garbage before ever admitting they f**ked up… all in the name of chasing GREED and POWER.

    I can only hope that one day the crazy idiots who run these mega-death-corporations will succumb to their own poisons.

    Please keep up the good work you do. Many people are following you and we are aware of the criminal activities of these companies. Change will come.


  2. Victor V. Vector says:

    Died in prison? Of course, that’s what happens to those who oppose the illegal/immoral activities of wealthy mega-corporations that threaten to further impoverish the public, ruin the environment, or cost the public its health/lives.

  3. Rabbit says:

    Waste of time. Obama is not a man, not in charge and not relevant.

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  5. BeTrueSeekTruth says:

    Agreed. Appealing to the appointed slaves of the global plantation is of no use. Appeal to the free people of the world and enlighten them. Remove the blinders of government induced brainwashing, pharmaceutical druggery, and religious and nationalistic mind control. Even if they don’t know it yet, these are the most honest souls on the face of the earth. NO ONE IN POWER IS HONEST. Even those who appear to be mouthing concern are simply loyal opposition. Wake up world or perish in enslavement.

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