Alarming Evidence of a Leaking Macondo Prospect: The BP Gulf Oil Spill Continues

The following letter has been sent to Congressmen Fred Upton and John Simkus by BK Lim, Geohazards Specialist, (Click here for CV) in response to our request to inform the US Congress about a situation of which that they appear to be unaware. The growing need for a real US Congressional Inquiry into the matter of the Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM) – the site of the BP Oil Spill which began on April 20, 2010 – has been apparent for many months now.

This letter represents a turning point for the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference in that this International Citizens’ Initiative has decided that overwhelming evidence exists that points to a situation that has not been properly addressed.  Therefore, the coastline of the Gulf of Mexico sits in a state of abeyance of sorts.  Until the residents who domicile there, and citizens who work there, are transparently apprised of the true state of the blown out well and surrounding area, this conference will not rest.

Likewise, until these very concerned citizens receive an accurate and truthful appraisal of the state of the GOM waters, estuaries, wetlands, beaches, marshes, this international citizens’ initiative will continue to serve its mandate – to perform a service where both government and industry have woefully failed.

We trust that the good congressmen will convene the appropriate congressional hearing in order to ferret out the facts surrounding the state of the previously gushing well.  We would also hope that this inquiry will investigate the state of affairs throughout the entire region of the Macondo Prospect, since the seafloor has been significantly compromised.  Evidence has surfaced to support these conclusions and we ask that a governmental forum be established immediately to determine the truth.

The future of the Gulf of Mexico greatly depends on this form of serious inquiry, as does its successful and prompt remediation.  The Concerned Citizens of the Gulf Coast will settle for nothing less.

Tom Termotto, National Coordinator
Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference
Tallahassee, FL
SKYPE: Gulf_Advocate

PS There has been a very specious argument appearing on the internet that explains away the many leaks and seeps which have developed all over the surrounding area of the blown out well as being natural. These new leaks and seeps, cracks and crevices, craters and chasms are NOT natural. They are newly evolving changes in the seafloor due to the profound transformation of the sub-seafloor geological strata brought about by the entire BP Gulf Oil Spill saga.
While we do concede that leaks and seeps do naturally occur from time to time in the oceans of the world, there has been a dramatic and precipitous uptick of this phenomenon in the wake of undersea oil and gas operations/activites. In fact, the natural seeps that do exist have been greatly exacerbated by these activities, and the countless new leaks and seeps emerging worldwide have been directly caused by the extremely intrusive technology and invasive machinery utilized in the process of oil and gas exploration and drilling.
Simply put, the oceans of the world have been put into great danger of being polluted beyond repair by the Oil & Gas Industry. (See “A Special Report on the Gulf Oil Spill”)

Letter from BK Lim to Congressmen Fred Upton and John Simkus regarding the BP Gulf Oil Spill

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41 Responses to Alarming Evidence of a Leaking Macondo Prospect: The BP Gulf Oil Spill Continues

  1. Steve says:

    You keep asking the government to do this or that. STOP. They have already given their answer, and you are living it. By-pass government altogether, make them irrelevant. Taxation is a confiscation of your labor by force. Stop paying tax. Use the money for remediation of the gulf. Join hands across America. Everyone stop paying tax. Stop voting and become your own leader. Don’t give away your power to someone who wants to play president or congressman/woman. Yes it is simplistic, but that is the only answer to your quest, and we are all going to have to bite the bullet sooner or later, so let it be sooner. Tunisia has arrived in America, Europe and everywhere else. We are all Iraqis, Palestinians, and Taliban to them. Just look at their Patriot Act. You think that act is for them or YOU/US.

    • spirittoo says:

      When are people going to realize that the government is their enemy … congress only concern is for corporate interests. A US Congressional Inquiry would be a complete white wash as all inquiries with the corrupt congress have been in the past.

      Time to wake up and smell the coffee … the Gulf Coast is on their own … and the sooner they accept that fact the better off they will be. If they don’t take action they are as good as dead.

      People are getting sick in the Gulf because of the government inaction … you have to be dreaming to think they would have a fair and open inquiry that would show them and their corporate masters guilty of crimes against the people.

  2. Winyan Staz says:

    I know people working on the beaches doing clean-up there.
    They say they go out at night so less people know they are there. Said it looks like giant slow-motion fireflies on the beach as they move slowly and pick up oil balls with their shovels and put them in their buckets.
    Said they are spraying every single night and BP knows its so toxic they make the workers work 50 minutes OFF and away from the oil and toxins and 10 minutes every hour on moving and disposing of all the oil and all the dead animal and sea creature bodies before the public sees how much.
    Said all the workers are coming down with brown spots like broken blood vessels under the skin.
    Wake up to what is being done to our nation! And these bastards are still drilling in the oceons!

  3. TSGordon says:

    Like we say in Arkansas, the “Natural State,” – “Once you’ve been fracked, you’ll never grow back!”

  4. Robert says:

    Maybe this explains why I read a report a couple of months ago about the DHS being in a mad rush to ‘stock’ all of their “first responder” facilities ‘to capacity’ and beyond with storable food and water. Try to imagine the change that IS going to take place WHEN the blowout happens. Ground zero will look like a GIANT champagne bottle erupting endlessly…the raw H2S gas will likely kill hundreds of thousands and the methane will saturate the ozone…the oil will spread around the globe assisted by the currents until critical mass is reached..then the currents will stop. We all know what happens next. Will the world’s oceans have the ability to correct this problem? How long will it take? Where will it be fit to live when this happens? When you start to think how this event will affect us…how does one prepare for something like this? How can you possibly ‘store’ enough food and water to last you….40-50 years? Agriculture will be dead..even GMO won’t work! So…what do you do? When it blows..there won’t be another growing season for the world. Sounds scary..doesn’t it? Well…there is NO way to sugar coat something like this. All you can do is prepare to the best of your ability. I will not be surprised if the blowout happens within the next 2 years. Sad part is there is NO way to stop it. All we can do is deal with the aftermath. Interesting term..aftermath..6 billion people now..the after’math’ may reduce that number to 1 billion. I hope I get proved wrong.

  5. Every Single Member of Congress had better begin looking at this and Now. Not tomorrow, Right Now. The GOM is going to blow and the people are dying as we speak. Picking up pieces of the mess on the beaches does nothing, We the people have watched a coverup of Monumental proportions. Stop spraying that Genocidal Corexit Now. You have polluted our Gulf beyond repair.
    Dr Richard W Springstead MD
    Trisha Springstead RN MS

  6. gary says:

    What about the methane leak problem? This has not been mentioned and this is by far a very alarmimg issue.

    • BK Lim says:

      Yes Gary the methane release into the gulf and atmosphere is another worrying long term effect. It is not only leaking from the well but vaporising from methane hydrate deposits as well from the raised temperature of the warm oil seepage. Dr Tom and I have covered in parts in the earlier articles.

  7. maryannejacobsen says:

    Thank-you so much BK Lim, for writing this letter and your tireless work to expose this cover-up! Whether people trust their gov’t or not, until the true magnitude of this disaster becomes mainstream, the inmates will continue to control the asylum. People are waking up to the truth. Now it’s time to take as much action as possible to bring this to light. If the mainstream media won’t discuss it, then it’s our duty to educate as many people as possible to the facts.

  8. David Curtis says:

    The BP Gulf Oil Spill Continues
    “There has been a very specious argument appearing on the internet that explains away the many leaks and seeps which have developed all over the surrounding area of the blown out well as being natural. These new leaks and seeps, cracks and crevices, craters and chasms are NOT natural. They are newly evolving changes in the seafloor due to the profound transformation of the sub-seafloor geological strata brought about by the entire BP Gulf Oil Spill saga.”

    The reference to more cracks and seeps as natural is like saying that in Dominoes the effects of gravity on all of the dominoes that fall after the first one are “natural”. They are only natural in that gravity is natural. That’s like arguing that the atomic fallout after Hiroshima and Nagasaki was naturally occurring because wind, rain and gravity are natural and of course there’s atomic fallout and sickness – but it’s “natural”. That’s like saying that if a tree service hired by the government cuts down a tree and it falls into some power lines which set fires and cut off phones, cable service and electricity and people are burned to death in the fires that this is naturally occurring, only in that those effects following the tree’s fall are natural consequences of such an action.

    The government isn’t acting because they aren’t prepared to act, never were prepared to act and never will be prepared to act. They can’t even deal with truly naturally occurring phenomena like snow storms, tornadoes, hurricanes or floods right here on the surface of the planet. They (the so called government) has majorly F’d up and has not only permitted this horrific disaster but has cheered it on “Drill Baby Drill!”. The government has enabled BP’s addiction to becoming ever wealthier without regard to human life or the environment. The government has acted as an enabling codependent, self deceiving itself into believing that it is in control, and is now in a state of denial and paralysis. I would even go so far as to call call them delusional.

    So now rather than take responsibility they’re all intellectualizing everything in their clean offices far from the facts and choosing to believe only the criminally insane and out of touch with reality white light and fluffy bunny reports that cross their desks saying everything is ok in the Gulf – Signed Independent Scientists, PS Can we start drilling again now? Can we? Can we? Huh? Huh?

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  10. Our government needs to take the responsibility for this. Firstly for allowing BP and the other Big Oil Corporations to have carte blanche with any and all actions with virtually no oversight. Secondly for paying off our representatives with campaign support in the way of donations. Thirdly for allowing BP to spend their money (and ours) in the way of advertising instead of cleaning up the mess. And for allowing the ecocide and genocide. It is quite apparent that a depopulation agenda is in place here.

  11. Rick says:

    It’s hard to believe people are trying to put this event in the past when it has molded the future. This planet will never be the same, a world wide event with no consequences to the Illuminati perpetrators. Should we really be surprised? The shadow overlords have destroyed this planet and rape it of its wealth. We the people are and always have been the slaves to make this take place. It’s time the people of this planet wake up to the true evil. The Illuminati and all their sub cults. Thank you.

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  14. Howard T. Lewis III says:

    Multiply BK Lim’s info and presence by 50,000 and we get the job done. 100,000 / 50,000=2. You all know what a grass-roots campaign effort is , RIGHT? Let’s do it. At the close of the Viet Nam War, there were over 1.5 million people outside the White House fence ready to climb over and go through the front door and haul Sly Richard out and lynch him in the front yard. They had passion and feeling for the victims of that war. We don’t need to let things get that bad. But act we must. I believe the mess can be repaired, but every day gone by decreases the chance to stop flow before the reservoir is exhausted. Self-destructive nut-cases are in charge with beliefs in numerologies and sacrifices and a bunch of other crap. And they know now that they should not have blown this thing up. Except for the worst of them. They are wating to be tied up and punished.

  15. Greenlink says:

    Stop Being Slaves!!!!!!!

  16. Dave says:

    When this accident first occurred, I read that “the sea floor will collapse”, “all of the oceans will die”, “the atmosphere in the south will be so polluted that there will be mass evictions of FL, MS”, “there will be a huge gas cloud above the Gulf that poisons the entire planet with SO2″, there will be a tsunami that wipes out FL” (my home state).
    All of the predictions were lies made by hyperventilating writers, so is this piece.

    • BK Lim says:

      Please excuse the late reply as I have been having intermittent poor internet connection. I hope you had not been holding your breath waiting for my reply.
      First of all no one sane enough would commit any crime if they did not think they could get away with it. But when caught with their pants down, how does one cover such an “open crime of mass destruction”? The answer: Deception and Exaggeration.
      Distorted facts were deliberately disseminated far and wide and amplified to the point mockery. Thus typical phrases like “the sea floor will collapse” echoed out to the world through their sponsored mainstream media.
      Let’s examine the phrase “the seafloor will collapse”. With no time frame quoted, they hope the world will jump to conclusion that “it will happen in the immediate future”. When it did not happen they will say “See I told you so” and it is all “cry wolf” by “hyperventilating writers”.
      Even if it did happen there is no independent party to verify it since the whole Macondo Site had been off-limits. If there was nothing to hide, why cordoned off the area from independent observation and survey?
      We must also define the term “collapse” which according to Oxford dictionary is “(of a structure) suddenly fall down or give way”. This will include minor submarine slides to giant landslides, blown craters, subsidences ranging from a few metres to a few hundreds of km and even the whole gulf area. To say that none of this occurred in the aftermath of the 20 April 2010 blowout – you must have been either living in another planet or had prostituted your heart and soul to the devil. For your info, probably less than 20% of the evidences have been presented in this website and in our articles.
      The ROV video evidences are pin-hole views of the Macondo prospect. Even if the whole seafloor (which I am not saying it did) did collapse and you were on the vessel at the time of collapse, you would not have noticed it. You would need a detailed seafloor survey using MBES like the images shown in my previous articles.
      To generate a tsunami (like you generate a wave in a pond), you need a huge differential displacement of water within an instance. If the giant collapse occurs progressively in sequence or uniformly, there would be waves but not the tsunami everyone has been programmed to expect from every “seafloor collapse”. We have been calling for an independent seafloor survey to assess the damage since day 1. You cannot fully assess the damage from “pinhole” rov views of the seafloor. These rov evidences are valuable nevertheless, in the sense that they collectively indicate and point to a nasty wide ranging “disaster”.
      As you can see for yourself, there is more to the simple “the seafloor will collapse” and “I told you so” scenario. I have not even gone into technical details of “collapse and seafloor” yet. Should I spare you further embarrassment or do you still need me to clarify your other “cry wolf” phrases.
      By the way, can you point out which part of our articles is “hyperventilatingly rhetoric”? I would be very glad to give you a detailed technical explanation.

  17. Joe Blow says:

    Steve is right.

  18. Oh Dave, whoever you are, I feel very sorry for you because you are ignorant. That is not a bad word. You ignore the facts, you ignore the truth. Talk to the people who are the experts. Are You a Geohazards expert???? Are you being paid by BP or the other corporate powers that be. In this case, ignorance is bliss keep going on your merry mundane way and stop being a sheepole. Talk to Riki Ott talk to people who are living on these lands and they are scared. I fear for my fellow man and yes sometimes I fear for my family and their safety. God Bless you Dave because I pray that your eyes open and you choose to see the truth. Look at the fault lines, they drilled into a methane filled hole in hell and yes if continued and we continue letting them drill in the precious GOM, the well from hell that you say is not there is. Have you ever seen a tsunami???? Oh Yes you have seen it in other countries, what makes you think that tsunamis of toxic gas can not happen in the United States.
    Get out of you self imposed box and look at the picture of documented truth.
    May you be enlightened to the truth.

  19. ehswan says:

    I need to know for certain if corexit is still used as that would be proof that there is still a major discharge of oil. Where is the hard evidence?

  20. moonman says:

    We can only hope this won’t happen, and it really needs to be spread around so people know what they might expect and, as a sinking ship, some people can’t be saved no matter how much education is available to them. There is one place I think would be a good place for this information to go to – its Woods Hole, the people that did the last survey of the Gulf’s bottom and claimed 2000 square miles of oil on the bottom. They might have the best pull for getting things started. Although, when I asked them where the video was that they promised, they said they would have to make any info let out irrefutable because of who they are or they would lose credibility in their oceanography world standing. And I have read that oil has washed up on England’s coast,but they haven’t tested to see if its bp’s or not

  21. David Curtis says:

    The fact is that 2011 isn’t going to be bright if the sleeping business owners in Florida don’t wake up soon and unite. We aren’t BP and we aren’t Exxon and we aren’t Mobil or any of the other skin-em and leave-em bib thieves and polluters courting our government officials. We all – ALL OF US – anyone with a stake in the future of Florida or any of the gulf states, need to wake up right now and start pounding our elected officials with OTHER ideas for the means of getting our state funding – not the oil rapists. Start your own LinkedIn groups in your counties such as “Hernando County Business Professionals” throughout all the southern gulf states and counties and get involved in bringing what will work and getting OUT what doesn’t work! Get BP etc out and bring in what doesn’t pollute, what does make money, and what will bring us more prosperity – Here’s what I am doing: via a LinkedIn group (anyone can set one up and it’s free)

    We need to get everyone on board any way we can – not just those who are into environment but those who are into money. We need to get them thinking about taking charge of the government process themselves and making sustainable money that won’t pollute and be a permanent source of income for the foreseeable future.

  22. Reha says:

    EXCELLENT work BK! Thank You for standing up to the US gov’t!! I look forward to your new website and helping raise awareness of the true Reality in the GOM!! Pres Obama is NOT going to make “the Gulf whole” as he has promised. Thousands upon thousands of residents in FL, MS, LA & GA are paying for VOC blood tests and detox supplements. The G8 IS aware of the coming Tsunami – in fact, they’re gleefully waiting for it! Depopulation is Real… those who have ears will hear…

  23. Timothy Dunlap says:

    Dave, the reason you read that there would be mass evacuations ( I assume you didn’t really mean “evictions.”) is: Last spring, the government told the press that they were planning for mass evacuations. In my area, Tampa Bay, this was reported by the media. And when the Governor of Louisiana activated National Guard troops, his letter to the federal government specifically mentioned evacuations.

    Passing along a FEMA press release is not the same as being a “hyperventilating writer.”

    I can’t help but notice you don’t rebut a single fact presented by BK Lim.

    • BK Lim says:

      Thanks for your response to Dave.

      “I can’t help but notice you don’t rebut a single fact presented by BK Lim.”
      I can’t agree with you more.

  24. there is only one planet……..and the military industrial complex has just about f**ked it for homo sapien sapien………….

  25. jpwade says:

    Where is BK Lim’s source data for his analysis and conclusions?

    And please let it not be a few youtube videos and graphic images from the net, it would be nice to see such things as merged seismic profiles and lwd data and other that coincides with his analysis.

    • BK Lim says:

      Dear jpwade,

      Thanks for asking this question.

      No, my initial analyses were not based on Youtube videos and graphic images from the net but publicly broadcasted data and information. I had the advantage of 30 years experience in this field. When certain facts and events contradicted each other and the official story seemed illogical, I knew there had to be something seriously wrong. Otherwise, why was there a need to lie and distort the story?

      BP is not the only one. The River Pike Mine disaster, Hungarian toxic spill and the Bhopal-Union Carbide are some disasters where the truth had to be hidden or distorted to protect the real culprits behind the disasters.

      When I started writing articles on the BP’s disaster, many readers who saw the logic of my arguments and shared the same misgivings of BP’s official account, started to send in data, info and facts that had similarly intrigued them. As in all my previous investigations, the geological framework is important to get the general picture and reference to where the recovery was heading to. The details can come in later to substantiate the initial model. This methodology has been proven to be valuable in unearthing the truth in many disasters I have investigated or studied.

      No, I had no need or hope for merged seismic profiles, compiled charts or reports to “COINCIDE WITH MY ANALYSES”. Why? Because a rat is still a rat by any other name when the ground evidences are crystal clear. As a veteran in my field of expertise, would I have made such strong statements if I had not been confident of my analyses and conclusions? Except for some minor details and quantitative estimates.

      Coincide – means my analyses and conclusions were arrived at fortuitously. No, I do not gamble on the lives of my field colleagues and fortune of my clients by hoping that I was right.

      You cannot be 100% right on the money each time for over thousands of drilling locations (wells, exploration drilling, pilot holes, boring or coring) if your basis of evaluating a location not only for hazards but geological prognosis as well, is not fundamentally strong. Unlike “others” who are subservient to their OIL MASTERS, irrespective of the hazards involved.

      BP’s recovery efforts made little sense in containing and minimizing the impact of the disaster. On the contrary, their so-called “Recovery Efforts” seemed more like “Cover-Up Efforts”. This is a better proof than their merged seismic profiles and made-up data.

      Some of the most important results of my analyses:
      * at least 3 well locations were drilled,
      * the capped well A was not the well that blew on 20 April 2010,
      * the capped well A was drilled to only 5000ft or thereabout,
      * a major NW-SE strike-slip fault runs across or close to both Wells A and S20BC.

      New revelations would only add interesting details; incriminate the culprits pulling the puppet strings behind the scene and provide the reasons why so many twists and turns were made without rhymes or reasons. No doubt, many more adulterated videos, distorted facts and fabricated graphic images will be posted by BP’s schills to muddle the pool further. Our ability to separate the truth from the distorted facts again shows that we are very close to the truth.

      Time is a friend of truth. Already the many undesirable consequences of the uncontrolled oil and gas seeps from the reservoir are apparent. These include widespread vaporisation of methane from hydrate deposits due to warming of the seafloor and abnormal shallow, low magnitude faults resulting from release of locked-up stresses.

  26. Hey JP,
    Is this good enough for you. BK would never be a target of assassin attempt, if he was not speaking “TRUTH TO POWER” This buddy is how the system works, you think you are free to speak what Truth… by day and inch by inch and mile by mile, your rights and our rights are taken away from us…the people look at the “Patriot Act” that took so many of our rights away. You didn’t think this could happen in the US. Well just let me give you and idea of what a patriot is:
    A Patriot sees a wrong and tries to correct it
    A Patriot stands up to his country when he or she sees it going in the wrong direction
    A Patriot holds his brother in his arms and does what he can to help much like on a battlefield (which is what this mess is)
    A Patriot loves his country enough that he will do anything for his brother, even if that means exposing corruption or”an invasion from within”
    How do I know this buddy??? I am a 7th Generation of American, my father took 2 bullets for this country and bled red, white and blue. My mother worked her whole life for Generals and at the Pentagon. Both are now dead, my father from exposure to high levels of radiation and Agent orange, died at 52 years old. To his dying day he still loved his country. I love my Country, I grew up on Military Bases it is because of my love for my America that I fight along with others against the atrocities.
    That is my right and it should be the right of every human. I love my country and I want her back. Our Constitution has been abused by the powers that be, I know every word of the Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Emancipation Proclamation, no where in these sacred documents, does it say we are a country of the oil cartels, by the oil cartels or for the oil cartels.
    Wake up Bucko and instead of arguing, look around you and have some compassion for all the people in that gulf who are dying and love their country.
    These my friend are the Patriots….we speak truth to power.
    May you open your eyes and open your mouth and make some phone calls asking for our Country back. We the People, have been asleep while we have allowed our Country to be taken over by oil, greed and money. I AM AN AMERICAN AND I WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH AND IF WE HAVE BEEN TAKEN OVER BY CORPORATIONS, WHICH WE HAVE, YOU PROVE IT TO ME OTHERWISE.
    Trisha Springstead RN MS

  27. MUDDOG says:

    Thank you to our heroes- BK, Dr. Tom & Thomas!!

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  31. The information is up to the mark pointing about the Gulf Oil Spill Remediation Conference. Its really interesting. Our ability to separate the truth from the distorted facts again shows that we are very close to the truth.

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